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This web page was last updated on : 2016-12-09

A calendar of year-round holiday party ideas

One of the most beloved movies of all times is the 1942 classic "Holiday Inn" starring Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby. The rambling, old-fashioned inn is open only on holidays and of course the décor changes from season to season—as do the songs and costumes.

You may not have a special inn in your town, but you can have a calendar of holidays to choose from when you plan a party. Here are some ideas:

  • New Year's Day

    Ask friends to bring all their left-over holiday goodies to share. It's a good way to clean out your cupboards (and you can always start your diet on January 2).
  • Personalize holiday favors
    Create your own!

    Valentine's Day

    Host a secret Valentine's Day party for kids. Choose an elderly person in your neighborhood and have kids make special gifts and cards to surprise him or her.

    School's out party

    On the evening of a full moon, have kids bake moon- and star-shaped cookies, decorating them with sprinkles. Look up online which planets and stars will be visible that night. As soon as it's dark out, bring blankets, cookies, and milk to the backyard and lie on the ground looking up at the stars.
  • Labor Day and back-to-school party

    Make it a celebration of a great summer and all that's in store for the new school year. Take kids shopping for school supplies, then order pizza and eat outside.
  • Thanksgiving

    Besides all the usual holiday trimmings, don't forget the "thanks" in Thanksgiving. Buy a special journal and invite holiday guests to write in it what they're thankful for. Add to it year to year; it will be a treasured chronicle of your family's blessings.

For each holiday, don't forget the party favors. Customized holiday party favors don't have to be expensive so you can have them at every holiday party. Depending on the quantity you order, you can personalize delightful favors for less than $1.29 per guest. At, we have holiday favors to match every theme—because you create them yourself!