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Hosting a lingerie bridal shower

Let's say your BFF is getting married. Let's say she has a million other friends. Let's say at least 2 of them are already planning to give her a bridal shower.

How can you make your bridal shower stand out?

...and how can you all make sure the bride doesn't end up with 6 toaster ovens?

Personalize wedding shower favors online for bridal shower
Create your own!
If you're hosting a bridal shower for a bride-to-be who has lots of friends and lots of other showers, call or email the other hostesses and suggest you each do a theme shower to make sure there aren't duplicate gifts. For example, one shower could be a kitchen shower where all the guests bring items to stock the bride's new cupboards—dishes, pots and pans, specialty items, and more.

Another friend can host a linens bridal shower where guests fill the bride-to-be's linen closet with towels, sheets, tablecloths, napkins, and other items.

Still another hostess—maybe you!—can give a lingerie bridal shower to provide all those frilly items that every bride needs.

If you're hosting a lingerie bridal shower, you can be very creative with your décor, invitations, wedding shower favors, and theme. Purchase pre-printed bridal shower invitations or make your own by hot-gluing a little lace and frills onto blank cards. Or use a service like Evite.

Ask guests to join in the fun by wearing their fav comfy pj's and bunny slippers. If the bride is registered at any department or specialty stores for the lingerie she's chosen, include the information in your invitation.

For food, you can serve Saturday-night-in-my-pj's comfort food—or you can make it a fancy pj party with champagne, strawberries, chocolate, and cake.

For your table linens and decorations, use as much lace as possible—lace tablecloth, lace ribbons on flowers, even old lace lingerie if you can find it.

Give each guest a special bridal shower party favor to take home with her. Create your own one-of-a-kind party favors by uploading a photo of the bride-to-be onto a special container, candy holder, key chain, or mirror. Add a background in the bride's wedding colors (or your bridal shower colors) and upload your own text such as "Kate's bridal shower" and the date. Fill your container with candy in colors to match your décor.

Guests will love their bridal shower favor long after they've eaten the candy inside it. Remember, at we have bridal shower favors to match every theme—because you custom create them yourself!