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This web page was last updated on : 2016-12-09

Not the Same Old Birthday Party Favors

Oh, the pressure. In just a few weeks, a dozen kids will descend on your home for your son's birthday. These kids are birthday-party savvy. They've seen every theme, endured every clown, and watched every magic show in town. They are not going to settle for run-of-the-mill birthday party favors. Not these kids.

What's a mom to do?

Here are some tips to make your birthday party favors extra special:

  • Involve your child in the decision.

    Buy and personalize birthday favors for your kid’s birthday
    Create your own!
    Once you determine the theme of your party, talk with your child about possible ideas for party favors for the special day. Take a blank sheet of paper or computer document and brainstorm ideas. Remember, brainstorming means no idea is bad. Just let the creative juices flow. You can always edit later (and no one says you actually have to buy each child a pirate costume complete with sword, wig, and eye patch).

    Keep your budget in mind -- and let your child know what it is.

    You can even turn this into a teachable moment. If you have a budget for your party, show your child how much you've allotted for birthday favors and what that comes to per person. Let your child look through to choose 3 or 4 options that fit your budget and theme.

    For example, you can personalize Cello Bags with your child's picture and fill them with Jelly Belly beans for just $1.29 each depending on the quantity your order. Or choose adorable Key Chains and custom print them with a photo of your child and the date of the birthday party—for just $1.99 each depending on quantity.
  • Make your party favors part of the party.

    You've got options. At most parties, kids get birthday favors on the way out the door (and they usually break on the way home). It's much more fun to incorporate your birthday favors into the party activities. For example, have kids make picture frames out of cardboard, construction paper, and glitter or stickers. Take a photo of each child standing with the birthday boy or girl holding their party favor. While kids are eating cake, print out the photos and give to kids to insert into their frames. They not only take home a great party favor, but also a wonderful reminder of the party.

Follow these 3 tips and you'll have memorable birthday favors. And remember, at, we have birthday party favors to match every theme—because you create them yourself!