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The who-what-where-when-and-why and everything you need to know about baby favors!

If your friend or family member is about to give birth, a baby shower is a great way to welcome the little one to the world.

Here's everything you need to know about baby showers:

  • Why

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    Don't worry; you don't need a bathtub or shower for this event! The word "shower" means you "shower" the new Mom with everything she'll need to care for her new baby.


    Traditionally baby showers are given before the new baby arrives. Mom usually has more time and it gives her an opportunity to set up the nursery. In some cultures, it's traditional to wait until after a baby is born, so ask Mom when she'd like to have her baby shower.


    While you're at it, ask her whom she'd like to include at her baby shower. Guests usually include family members and special friends who are part of the new mom's life and support system. If you have a limited budget, tell the new mom what you are thinking in terms of number of guests. You don't want her to invite 50 people if you can feed or host only 10.


    Ask the new Mom for addresses for each baby shower guest. Send invitations a few weeks ahead of time by PO mail, email, or an event service such as Evite. List date, time, location, and directions, and ask guests to RSVP to you if they are coming or not.
  • Where

    Host your baby shower in a home, restaurant, church hall, community center, or even a park. Make sure there's enough parking. Choose a theme and decorate as elaborately or simply as you like.
  • How

    The "order of events" for a baby shower usually includes:

    • 1. Arrival: Give time for everyone to arrive and mingle. You can serve drinks as guests arrive.
    • 2. Welcome: Thank everyone for coming and introduce guests of honor such as grandmothers.
    • 3. Games: You can find lots of fun baby shower games online. Give inexpensive prizes to winners.
    • 4. Gifts: Allow plenty of time for Mom to open gifts. Ask someone to write down each gift-giver's name and what they gave; give this list to Mom so she can send thank-you notes.
    • 5. Food: If you plan a full meal, serve it before the gifts. If you have cake and dessert, serve it during or after.
    • 6. Farewell: Give each guest a baby shower party favor and thank them for coming.

Hosting a baby shower can be a fun and memorable event for you and the new Mom. And remember, at we have baby shower favors to match every theme—because you custom create them yourself!